Boulevard Academy overall grant requests that have been reviewed and scored by EPS Foundation board members as well as a panel of EPS educators total 3 grants in the amount of $3996.85.  Grants are listed in order of score ranking and a * in front of the grant name indicates funding priority based on a threshold score of 67 points and above. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON A PARTICULAR GRANT BEFORE DONATING - Please email Allison Lawrence, Program Director.


​Aubrey Williams
$998.17  |  Purchase art supplies

Unlike art classes in traditional Edmond high schools, Boulevard students are unable to pay fees that go towards purchase of art supplies making it difficult to have supplies on hand that are needed. However, art education and hands-on learning on key components to allowing students to express their creativity as well as identify talents in art they may not have known they had. This grant will allow Boulevard students quality art instruction and engagement in charcoal drawing, oil painting, printmaking, mixed media, pottery, and three-dimensional art.


​Aubrey Williams & Shawn Kilburn
$2,218.78  |  Purchase photography studio equipment and materials

Boulevard strives to offer electives into its alternative program that would also provide career opportunities and career exploration to students. The photography studio would target hands-on learning, STEM and arts education while promoting a technological understanding of visual arts to prepare students for future career choices. The nature of the studio is to provide students the opportunity to work independently and as an organized team to produce quality work. Students will learn all aspects of photography including composition, lighting, dark room and production.


​Angela Siemer
$779.90  | Purchase Science Lab equipment

Boulevard is an “at-risk” high school that provides students with meaningful, authentic academic and practicial tasks that emphasizes higher order thinking skills for mixed-ability students. Using hands-on learning in the classroom provides students a better chance of storing information and providing them with a sense of accomplishment when successfully completing a task. This grant purchases manipulative lab equipment for science classes and would be based on the textbook chapters as they are studied to give students tangible experience for each concept being covered.