North HS Grants


Edmond North's overall grant requests that have been reviewed and scored by EPS Foundation board members as well as a panel of EPS educators total 8 grants in the amount of $32,547.06. Grants are listed in order of score ranking and an * in front of the grant name indicates funding priority based on a threshold score of 67 points and above.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON A PARTICULAR GRANT BEFORE DONATING - Please email Allison Lawrence, Program Director.


The Exline Family
The Flaten Family
Stuart & Darsi Graham
Dr. Sophia Khan
The Petering Family
Carla & Bill Shepherd
​Darlene Anderson


​Brittany DeFelice & Corbin Frank
$5,000 | Purchase 40 TI 84PLUS C Silver Edition Graphic Calculators

The Ti Graphing Calculator has become an essential and necessary tool for our students to maximize learning through visulatization and discovery of mathematical and statistical concepts – specifically in AP Statistics, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus, Regular Pre-Calculus, as well as enhancing student performance on Algebra II end of instruction (EOI) exams. Even though some of our students can afford to purchase their own calculator, many cannot. This grant would immediately impact 250 students in the classroom and 560 students who will be taking the Algebra II end of year instruction (EOI) exam. The calculations needed would be near impossible using pencil and paper, and the cost to provide the statistical program to do the work in a computer lab would be far greater than the cost of the calculators.


​Teri Walls, Ruth Zumwalt and Pamela Riley
$3,396.81 | 30 TI-84 Plus Calculators with EZ-SPOT Markings & Elmo MO-1 Document Camera

This grant would immediately impact approximately 180 North students annually in the 11th and 12th grades who are at a distinct disadvantage when taking full-length ACT exams because there are not enough calculators for every student. The grant would particularly help lower income students who cannot afford a personal calculator as well as English Language Learners (ELL) with increased visual and auditory assistance. It’s critical that we continue to focus on maintaining as level a playing field as possible for our socioeconomically challenged students.


​Tessa Tefertiller & Tammy Johnson
$5,000  |  4- TI-84 Plus Color Graphic Calculators

Technology is driving most of the world today, and its emphasis in STEM classes cannot be ignored. The graphing calculator opens doors to allow students accessibility to more realistic mathematics programs. A graphing calculator also performs the tedious and often mistake-laden number crunching and gives the results for interpretation. This grant would immediately impact 260 students  in AP, Pre-AP and regular Calculus.


​Alison Sterba, Jackie Rasnic and Julie Hackett
$5,000  |  Applied toward the $6,065 annual subscription for program/service

This grant will impact 2,586 students at North in all grades and subjects, but particularly English.  Through Turnitin, students electronically submit papers, which are then scanned against an extensive database of journals, papers and websites for plagiarism. Turnitin also gives students the tools they need to better understand citations, research, plagiarism and proper writing skills as well as the opportunity to do peer editing. Research shows that over the last eight years where Turnitin has been used in Oklahoma schools there has been a 40.5 percent decrease in unoriginal student submissions and an increased focus on writing quality.


​Chris Helling
$963.00  |   Printer and multiple ink refills

The grant is important to help sustain the implementation of North’s new 3D printer. This printer uses filament to create objects using layer technology where products can be fabricated and viewed in their most intricate parts so students can view how the pieces come together as a whole.  The printer has been utilized by Computer Programming, Visual Arts and the Robotics School Team in order to effectively apply methods learned in the classroom.


​Rick Nordyke, Kent Douglas, Pete Papaphronis and Scott Burger
$4,417.65  | 30 Total Physical Education Equipment Items

North is restructuring its current Sports Lab class into two courses that will differentiate Physical Education activities and instruction. The realignment will offer 750 students across all grades who choose to not participate in competitive athletic offerings the opportunity to engage in team sport activities through an intramural competition format. It will also target student engagement in life-long recreational actitivites, team sports, and healthy lifestyle choices. The equipment purchased with the grant will provide access to a wider range of activities than currently exists.


​Ellen Vannoy, Genie Chaney, Joan Anderson and Shawna Reynolds
$3,780 | 189 PSAT registrations through the College Board at $20/test

Data from the past three years shows only 4.76% of North’s Hispanic students registered for the PSAT. The goal is to increase participation by affording all Hispanic students the opportunity to have registration for the PSAT paid, offer study sessions, host a Hispanic Parent Night, and provide one-on-one mentoring. This grant will benefit Hispanic students by allowing them to have a more relational testing environment, provide potential National Merit opportunity, and help counselors seek better class placement for students.


​Erin Devoe, Adele Wishon, Troy Freiling and Cynthia Jodlowski
$4,989.60  |  Purchase 352 workbooks to benefit 540 students

Until this year, the district was able to provide the Avancemos! Level 2 Pupil’s Edition Workbook for all Spanish II students. While the classroom sets are still utilized and instrumental to the course, a noticeable decrease in the students’ Spanish vocabulary and grammar knowledge has been detected in their writing and reading ability. Not having the ability for students to have their own workbooks to spend adequate time at home reviewing is impacting student progress.  In order to keep students on a progressive track and ultimately be prepared for future AP testing, North needs funding for these workbooks.