Northern Hills Elementary School's overall grant requests have been reviewed and scored by EPS Foundation board members as well as a panel of EPS educators. There are 8 grants  totaling $22,801.25.  Grants are listed in order of score ranking and an * in front of the grant name indicates funding priority based on a threshold score of 67 points and above. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON A PARTICULAR GRANT BEFORE DONATING - Please email Allison Lawrence, Program Director.


Julia Cohlmia and Dena Markey
$4,984.89 | Purchase of Ebooks from Capstone For Northern Hills & John Ross

The primary objective of this grant is to create Ebook Digital Libraries from Capstone Interactive to enhance our established collections. This will increase student interest, knowledge, and increase teacher usage and interest in the classroom.

*idiscover, iexplore, ilearn

Kathy Vrooman, Donna Ballinger, Andrea Fields and Kimberly Davis
$4,928.90 | Purchase of 12 iPads

The iPads that are requested will enable 4th grade students to engage in a variety of methods of meaningful technologically based learning experiences during small group time, individualized student support, the daily grade-level wide common intervention block, and whole class learning experiences.

*Literacy benefits of listening

Julia Cohlmia
$976.00  |  Purchase of Lakeshore read-along sets

The primary objective of this grant is to strengthen the guided reading program at Northern Hills by providing classroom read along sets (book sets and CDs) to be checked out by teachers to use in their classroom listening centers and as read aloud’s as whole class activity.

*didn't you know you were learning, did you?

Kathy Vrooman
$687.92  |  Purchase of games and card sets

The games and car sets that are requested would enable the students to engage in meaningful hands-on learning time during small group time, individual student support, daily grade-level wide common intervention block, and inside recess. By allowing students the opportunity to engage in active, exciting game play and valuable small group experiences during learning time, they are more engaged in their own education.

*nonfiction scholastic weekly reader & science spin

Melissa Himes, Jody Smith, Natalie Gowler
$600.00  |  Purchase of Scholastic Weekly Reader and Science Spin

This high-interest, non-fiction magazine provides students with relevant topics to integrate into a variety of lessons. Through this Weekly Reader students will be able to learn and practice comprehension strategies, non-fiction text features, and word study skills.

*listening centers in the classroom

Shelly Anderson, Michelle Jalbert, Stephanie Edelen, Michele Ochsner & Kristen Huffy
$4,989.60  |  Purchase of Lakeshore Listening Center kits

Listening centers provide students the opportunity to engage in an independent vocabulary-rich experience which allows each student to be actively involved in their own literary journey. For many of these students, fluency (the ability to read text accurately, smoothly and with meaning or expression) is a main factor in their inability o progress to higher reading levels. The goal for all students receiving literacy intervention is to achieve grade level reading expectations.


Kimberly Maker
$1,500.00  |  Purchase of ACTIVATE computer program

ACTIVATE is a comprehensive assessment and treatment tool for children who struggle with cognitive capacities like attention and working memory. ACTIVATE combines highly sophisticated brain training programs with physical exercises designed to engage developing neurocognitive systems. IT generates profiles of cognitive strengths and weaknesses for each child, and provides formal assessments of executive functions.

*technology in the early childhood classroom

Kirstyn Davis and Lisa Mace
$4,133.94  |  Purchase of Apple iPads and Otterboxes

This grant will purchase iPads that will address math and reading skills to practice and reinforce learning of new skills. The iPads and the apps used will target phonological awareness practice and promote effective learning by reinforcing the skills taught in the classroom.