​​West Field Elementary School's overall grant requests have been reviewed and scored by EPS Foundation board members as well as a panel of EPS educators. There are 6 grants  totaling $8,704.93.  Grants are listed in order of score ranking and an * in front of the grant name indicates funding priority based on a threshold score of 67 points and above. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON A PARTICULAR GRANT BEFORE DONATING - Please email Allison Lawrence, Program Director.


Lisa Glut, Karla Wilson, Heather Pickens, Marietta Caldwell, Alyssa Dunagan & Jessica Little
$2,994.00  |  Purchase of Lakeshore Learning Science Activity Tubs

This grant will provide for the implementation of science learning activities that provide students with opportunities to explore science concepts beyond what is currently available in the classroom. These kits will allow teachers to enrich students with hands-on manipulative and interactive resources, reinforce key concepts, and promote higher level thinking.

the 21st century classroom

Amber Johnson, Jenna Foster, Julia Griffin, Maggie Decker & Melany Dow
$1,617.00  |  Purchase of 3rd grade subscription to Study Island

The goal of using Study Island at West Field would be to prepare for the OCCT while addressing each student’s individual learning need. This program is a great teaching tool.

lamp words for life-bringing a voice to the voiceless

Jennifer Stevens & Riita West
$1,578.00  |  Purchase of iPads, LAMP Words for Life App, and Otterboxes

The LAMP Words for Life app is an assistive technology for the iPad based on software that is pre-programmed vocabulary that enables students to expand their communication and vocabulary in a way that does not require re-learning skills. This program will be implemented in the moderate cognitive programs at West Field, which consist of children with developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders.

ipad, upad, we all scream for ipads!

Amber Johnson
$1,000.00  |  Purchase of 4 iPads

Allowing students access to new technology is important, and iPads can be utilized in centers to run reading and math applications that make learning more meaningful. These iPads will also allow students to practice newly acquired skills independently and the applications can be easily tailored to meet the needs of each individual learner.

enriching our enrichment program

Tracey Brauer
$669.93  |  Purchase of iPad, case and screen protector

With this iPad, students will be able to research, create, and share projects. It will allow them to utilize apps that will develop their critical thinking skills and processing skills to improve divergent thinking and enhance creativity.