Will Rogers Elementary School's overall grant requests have been reviewed and scored by EPS Foundation board members as well as a panel of EPS educators. There are 6 grants  totaling $18,825.65.  Grants are listed in order of score ranking and an * in front of the grant name indicates funding priority based on a threshold score of 67 points and above. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON A PARTICULAR GRANT BEFORE DONATING - Please email Allison Lawrence, Program Director.

*plunge into non-fiction reading

Lana Ingram
$895.20  |  Purchase of Time for Kids Grade 2 and 3 sets

It is difficult to get older students interested in reading when their readability level is significantly lower than their grade level. Often low level books are boring and students are embarrassed to read these books around their peers. The Time for Kids books are designed to contain material that appeals to struggling readers’ maturity level but written at a reading level lower than their current grade. The students enjoy using these books far more than any other reading materials!

*ipad minis for mini learners

Amy LaRue and Kayla Compton
$4,577.00  |  Purchase of iPad Minis

The iPad, when used effectively in a classroom, encourages creative exploration and provides hands on practice which contributes to an active learning environment for students. An iPad center would allow an ELL student to work alongside a gifted student and an at-risk student in the same group working on skills that challenge each individual child. The iPad is a support tool and is most effective when used to review and reinforce classroom instruction.


Crystal Inga
$459.90  |  Purchase of VersaTiles Problem solving Lab and Critical Thinking lab

VersaTiles is a wonderful tool to enrich student thinking, while providing challenging activities to cultivate problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities in a fun and exciting way. These materials will also be used in full class setting when the regular classroom teachers meet for collaborations. VersaTiles will be a wonderful asset when implementing critical thinking skills and problem solving throughout the regular 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

*iteach-integrating technology enhancing all curriculum habits

Taysha Foshee and Megan Abrams
$4,240.00  |  Purchase of iPads

In a changing society, technology is a tool for a promising future. IPads can supplement daily instruction and enhance learning opportunities for lessons that cannot be retrieved in a classroom setting without the assistance of technology. We chose iPads over laptops for this grant based on affordability and its academic benefits without stepping foot in the classroom.

*looking to the future of students' success

Lana Ingram and Debbie Dahl
$4,240  |  Purchase of iPads

The use of iPads in the classroom enables endless opportunities for hands-on, customizable learning experiences. From fluency applications, to the ability to video a student summarizing a story, to documenting important lessons, an iPad can be extremely versatile in the classroom.

do you know the mr. know-it man who teaches kids to readd?

Mikela Williams, Debbie Dahl, and Bree Menard
$4,413.55  |  Purchase of complete Know-Its curriculum for Kindergarten, First and Second Grades

The Know-Its Essentials program is the best of both worlds: technology and hands-on! The games (online and hands-on) help to bridge the gap between general classroom students and struggling readers. This makes the Know-Its program great resource to help easily meet individual student needs and develop independent readers.